World Generation

Before your people can venture forth into the untamed frontier, you must first generate a world for them to inhabit! When starting a new settlement, you are faced with several options to cater to your desired experience.

Town Creation

Game difficulty options allow you to cater the experience to your desires.

The first decision you must make is at the top of the New Settlement screen: the town’s name! If you are struggling for ideas, press the dice to randomly generate one. The name has no bearing on gameplay, except personal pride of course (and the comedic timing of naming your town Cholerado before its Cholera outbreak).

Next is the Game Difficulty, for which you can see a detailed run-down in the following page of the Game Guide. The game difficulty affects everything from the intensity of combat situations to the availability of starting resources. You can separately toggle Pacifist mode at the bottom to disable combat regardless of difficulty.


Different environments can impact available resources.

Once you are satisfied with your difficulty selection, it is time to select the map type. Each environment has its pros and cons and aesthetic. Some resources may be limited or unavailable based on the territory you select.

If you can’t make up your mind, or are looking for something completely unexpected, you can leave this set to Random.

The world in Farthest Frontier is randomly generated each time you play, so selecting the same map type as a previous session will still result in a very different landscape.

Advanced Settings

Under advanced settings, you can enter a map seed. This combination of numbers and letters determines the conditions for map generation. If you wish to play on the exact same map as a friend with the exact same access to resources and terrain layout, this is the means to do so.

Note that the map seed does not control what happens following world creation. Raider attacks, resource depletion and other random occurrences are independent of the map seed.