Town Center

As the first building constructed in a new settlement, the Town Center is the beating heart of the game, offering both security and detailed information on how the town is running.

From the Town Center UI, you can access a variety of important information, including how the Town Center can be upgraded, unlocking additional structures.

Town Overview

The Town Overview provides insight on the town at a glance.

The Town Overview has information on the settlement’s current status, such as the availability of various critical needs in your homes, and how your villagers are spending their time.

This summary can, for example, show that villagers are spending a significant portion of their day idling, which means critical resources are not being provided for them to work; or transporting goods, indicating that production buildings are far away from the intended destination for their products.

Community Health gives a run-down of the biggest health risks currently threatening the town. If there is a lack of well water, the risk may be parasites and dysentery.

Villager needs shows, at a glance, what the villagers are craving the most. If there are not enough entertainment venues in town and the villagers are bored, this information would be shown here.


The Professions UI has detailed info on villager jobs.

The Professions tab (default hotkey: P), is a window into all of the work your villagers are performing. So long as you have a building in town that supports a particular job, villagers can be assigned to it from here.

This UI is a great way to see where there are gaps in the town’s work force, or if an excess of laborers means additional industry can be constructed.

To learn more about professions, stop by the Population page.


The Resource UI is a summary of all the resources stored in town.

The Resources tab (Default hotkey: R), gives a detailed overview of every resources currently stored anywhere in the town, whether that’s in Root Cellars, Stockyards, or still ready for pick-up at a far-off Work Camp.

From here, it can quickly become apparent if a particular resource is missing, or being consumed too quickly and causing production to halt.

To learn more about resources, stop by the Resources page.


The Happiness UI shows detailed info on villager satisfaction.

The Happiness tab provides a summary of various needs the villagers have and how satisfied they are with living in the frontier. The needs of the town become more complex as the villager grows and prospers.

Happy villagers are productive villagers, willing to lay down their lives to preserve and defend what they had built together.

To learn more about happiness, stop by the Happiness page.